When I started my first website, I was on shared hosting. but that had so many limitations. it was with Monchahost. Even though their staff was professional and available only in support hours, it left me helpless when I wanted to do something beyond what shared hosting offers. and interface was also not so user-friendly. You can’t complain about cpanel old interface, this is not something that they provide. However, I felt there could had been a better way.

And I landed to Godaddy, used their shared hosting for at least 6 months. Before I began working on My First Magento installation. Soon,?I had faced the very first problem,? Php 5.3 not supported by magento on Godaddy shared hosting. I was sure I could get it updated by Godaddy technical support. The belief was taken away as soon as the conversation started. They denied upfront and rightly so, it was a shared hosting. Eventually, I understood that Magento was resource hungry and my 512 mb, 20 GB plan was not sufficient to run an ecommerce store with 250 products to start with and it was to grow multi-fold in next few months.

Though, this turned out to be a hoax later that I needed a dedicated hosting for installing SSL.

I needed a dedicated server and I went to Godaddy and Bought a 2GB memory, 60 GB storage space VPS for $400 (God, I would have run 10 websites for 5 years for that much amount). But You know what, this is what made me to learn a lot of things and inspired me to find new ways of hosting. Thank you Godaddy 😛

So First installation that I did was the Magento one which made me buy VPS, this is when I first encountered with WHM. it was not very difficult for me to install the packages and versions on CentOS based VPS being a RHCE(Redhat Certified Engineer), SCSA (Sun Certified System Administrator) and having handled thousands of servers in last 10 years since I got certified.

My site was ready in next 24 hours and I was all happy to accomplish first successful installation of Magento with SSL. Well, there was no trick, it was using Godaddy interface and it was some 6 months later when installation of SSL certificate on AWS EC2 Ubuntu with apache2? took place.

But it never provided me the performance I was looking for as it took >4s to load. It had few more problems which I must mention:-

  1. My targeted audience was India, where the Server was hosted in California, United States. The latency was already high and response time was too long to keep visitor interested. After a year today since I had bought the VPS, Godaddy do not have a server in India. Surprised?
  2. Only function to backup your server is take a snapshot of godaddy VPS.? Once you click Create snapshot, it will be in pending state and you got to wait until it changes to completed at end of day.? You are allowed just one snapshot, Once you create a snapshot, the previous one will be overwritten. Having said that, you can backup your individual websites too, if you spend extra $$. I had 5 domains hosted on the same VPS with emails and again being a linux administrator I have this habit of scripting and scheduling backups. I always forgot to take a snapshot before making certain changes. on account of single snapshot and my bad habit, I had to roll back to 15 days Old snapshot wasting my staff (5 people’s) efforts to upload more than 200 products. Grrrr!! 🙁 I got to learn new ways to migrate Magento test to production.