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What happens when you want to appear in google search for multiple cities or location using a wordpress site

this is easier in magento but that doesn’t allow us to go for non ecommerce purpose. Hence, the best option left is wordpress.

One of my friend wanted to launch the business and wanted to get seo done to target Metro, class A and Class B cities.

How did we achieve this and got a MOZ score of 11 within 6 months and a traffic (relevant) of 500 per day. This looks very attractive but you can do it too.

There are two ways to do that, create a page for every city, 1250 in our case. add content relevant to every city and set them as domain.com/cityname or cityname.domain.com. Which one is better way of doing for SEO purpose??

before we get into conclusion, let us pickup former method and see, there are several combination possible again:-


  1. Keyworddomain.com/cityname
  2. nonkeyworddomain.com/cityname
  3. keyworddomain.com/servicename-cityname
  4. nonkeyworddomain.com/servicename-cityname

How many would you be able to cover in that method? and how on this earth are you going to create that much of the pages with filling individual information in each of them. What are the options then?

here are some:-

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