It happened to us when posted fake reviews about our 2 e-commerce websites hurting our business.

Eventually, our SEO Team was posting several contents and in the same process only they requested for an account on

To which they replied that the account request will be reviewed and they will get back to us. However, there was no account before that. Eventually, They created an account each on both of our websites but did not make us brand owner for the same.

within month there were more than 10 fake reviews for each and the rating they were calculating at the end of it was 20%. Means most of them were negative reviews.

We checked our database of customers, However, We did not find a single customer with the name of people who posted the review.

our next action was to contact people via “contact as brand” button given on site. When try to login using the same login details we signed up, it says “no such id or incorrect password”, When try to sign up using the same id, it says “Id already exist” and when try to reset the password, it would again result in an error without any message. snapshots below:-


The trick comes here, Now a person contact us and says you have to buy a paid subscription to contact as brand and there is no such option.

I have completed conversation and emails from them recorded which I’m posting here. So stay away from making an account on


Now, How Did I handle it?

I am going to update this post soon with snapshot of action as I will have to redo everything. Snapshots were not taken.

  1. reported scam to the google (Link and guide here) – same Globally.
  2. Reported it to (with snapshot, email and contact person from same Globally
  3. Reported Fraud case of to Wikipedia
  4. Reported to Consumer forum of India (Only for India) – If you are not from india, Please find your country consumer protection law and forum to report it.
  5. Filed a Business Defamation Case in court (Though, as per our judiciary system, it is going to be rejected a few times, it will take a long time). However, I would request anyone of you reading this has same problem with Mouthshut, Come and contact me, More the cases against mouthshut, more the weightage would be! We know they have a seperate legal department, because they know what they are doing is illegal and scam. But if all the victims come together and file the case, The court will also ask them to pay for all the lawyers fees or expenses we have paid to fight the case. The fight may last long but it is our duty to fight against the false.
  6. Reported to Cyber Fraud Cell of India
  7. Let me know your case in comments, May be We can provide you a piece of advice or your advice can help us to go stronger.

Thank you!